OC Tracker | Track Oxygen Concentrators & Cylinders during Covid relief

Service is offered in partnership with 2 companies:

  1. Anaxee Digital Runners Pvt Ltd. - https://www.anaxee.com
  1. Linqs | Yuvera Solutions Pvt Ltd. - https://www.linqs.in

Do you want to ensure your donation of OCs is used properly to fight Covid for needy people and does not get sold or lost? Would you like to secure them for the first 6-months at least?


(A) QR code + (B) Backoffice based integrated solution to track Oxygen Concentrators, BiPAP machines, Cylinders being imported and donated by so many organizations across India

Contact: govind@anaxee.com | 9630020005 - for commercial discussions

How does it work?

We provide you Customized QR code (with ability to pre-configure brand data)

  1. Web/Browser-based software to manage/configure:
    1. Equipment details
    1. Ownership details
    1. Distributor management
    1. End-user management
  1. Backend Dashboard to manage each activity
  1. Back-office support for Training, Coordinating with each stakeholder, Tracking each machine for 6 months or more

Dynamic QR code which can be configured from Front-end on field, and from Back-end

Back-office support & coordination to keep a track of each equipment


We are assuming OCs imported from abroad are following the above path before reaching to End Client. How do you plan these logistics to actually work? and keep an eye on the material flow. We will help.


Step 1: Print QR codes on a Sticker (vinyl/paper) sheet & paste the QR code stickers on the OC & outer Box (in duplicate)

If possible ask your manufacturer/OEM/Supplier to print unique stickers for each OC (in duplicate) and paste the same QR to OC and its Box at the factory itself

Step 2: After OCs arrive in India, ask your team to Scan each QR code and take a stock of it and configure the QR codes

The arrival of OCs at the airport/main warehouse is the most important step to take stock of the whole consignment and labeling them in a proper manner.

Even if you are in great hurry, we strongly suggest to invest 2 hours in this step!
Scan the QR code on Box (we assume the same QR code is on the OC also, do check for 100% confirmation)

Scan 1st Time

The Gmail ID of the person who scans the QR at the Airport/Main warehouse can be pre-defined and registered at the backend before the arrival of OCs

You get a prompt to open link in Browser, open and login via Gmail ID

Register Product

This is the first time when the Importer/Owner of Device scans the QR code, it opens a window to fill ownership and product details. These fields can be customized. You can fill:

  1. Serial Number
  1. Brand
  1. Model Name
  1. OEM Name
  1. Warranty details
  1. Helpline numbers
  1. Date of Import
  1. Importer/Owner contact details
  1. Photo
  1. GPS
  1. Destination/Distributor name
All details filled above will get saved in QR code

Add Date of receipt at Importer warehouse/India
Punch Distributor name

Dispatch to States/Districts (Distributor)

Sort the boxes and Dispatch the Devices to various Distributors/State/District

Different number of Boxes will >> reach different States or Districts headquarters

Arrival at Distributor place

These Distributors are located at State/District HQ, they could be Local authority like an NGO, Collector Office, Volunteer Group, Foundations, Govt. office/department, etc

Asset Distributor: configure screen, Add/Change Recipient

Role of a Distributor

  1. Keep stock of OCs and devices made available to them
  1. Keep records of various devices received and be accountable to them
  1. Keep an eye and ears on local demand, and find Hospitals/Camp/Patients who need these life-saving devices
  1. Allot Device(s) to End User for temporary or permanent duration. These End Users could be Hospitals, Covid Camps, CHC (Community Health Centre), PHC (Primary Health Centre), Individuals, Apartments
  1. Keep records of End users and device assigned to them
All this will be possible by our Distributor management module in our software

Distributor <> End User

How to Issue an Asset?

Distributor can issue the machine by 'Add Recipient' option while scanning the QR code

How to Return the Asset back to Distributor?

Once Recipient receives the machine and uses the same for assigned period, the Recipient can place a request to 'Return the Asset' back to Distributor

Recipient has option to raise a request to Return the Asset

Pick-up arranged by Distributor

Distributor can pick-up the asset again and click 'Release' to bring Asset back to the pool

This process repeats <> between Distributor and New Recipients!

Monitoring & Dashboards

All actions are monitored and assisted from back-office of Anaxee Digital Runners

Back-Office Support & Co-ordination

Back-office support & coordination to keep a track of each equipment

Anaxee will provide dedicate back-office with call centre facility for following:

  1. Training of Asset Owner, Distributor, coordination with End User
  1. Keep track of each device and monitor its location - every 15 days
  1. Make available a Dashboard to Asset Owner to keep track of their Assets
  1. Attend L1 (first level) call related to Asset*

Not included service:

  1. Warranty support, Replacement request
  1. Device operating related training

*premium service


For Commercial discussion, please contact:

Govind Agrawal

Anaxee Digital Runners Pvt. Ltd., Indore, India

Mobile: +91-9630020005, Email: govind@anaxee.com,

Address: Anaxee.com, 301, Third Floor, Satyaraj Complex, 18-PU3, AB Rd, Opp C-21 Mall, Scheme No 54, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010

Web: https://www.anaxee.com